I can’t bring myself to act like a hyperactive baby elephant, on helium…

How’s that for sexy, spanking fun…NOT!5e9d1b9f7fb1207a65a3d32f105c5eab

Ohhh! Dear! Its official, I am no longer into being a spankee. I know, who cares, lol. I just don’t enjoy it anymore, it feels like I am going through the motions. I know one thing for sure. I am a submissive, who loves to be spanked…

Unfortunately for me, I am not a submissive into being controlled, trained ‘Mentored!’ even. I don’t want to give someone that power over me, I don’t want someone who is far from perfect themselves, telling me how to live my life. Not that I expect perfection, I like imperfection, probably far more then perfection. No one is perfect!

Don’t get me started on the ‘Bratting!’ Yeess! Its fun, lots of fun & spanking…Ummm! {Yawns!} To me. My perception of the bratting, school scene, is…A free for all of who’s the brattiest, who’s the funniest & I’m thinking ‘You’re a prat!’…I’m sorry, but please ‘Calm down, luv, its not a competition’…

I do get that they enjoy it, that they are harmless, having a laugh…’Each to their own’…Not my thing, its their thing, good for them…You’re still a prat! If some crazy woman, dressed like a kid come up to me & squirted me with a water pistol…Well. Lets just say I remember having water fights, with buckets of water, when I worked with horses. That was a free for all. I was also aged 16 to 21. A lot fitter & probably looked quite cute, soaked to the skin in my jodhpurs & vest top. Wet tee shirt competitions had nothing on us…

I know its not about looks, age, or vanity, its about having fun, letting your pig tails down, dressing like a child, acting like a spoiled little brat…Gawd! My worst nightmare…The thing is. I can’t bring myself to act like a hyperactive baby elephant, on helium. Spanking to me is very ‘adult’ as in being an adult, it is sexual, sensual, erotic, pleasure from intense pain. Floating off into sub space, after a long ‘Mmmm!’ spanking, thrashed into submission & I don’t mean in punishment…Nooo! Definitely not punishment…

Nuff said for now…


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