The life of a bored spankee…

{Rolls my eyes}

I chatted to B yesterday. I thought I should, as we’re friends & we’re playing on Feb 13th. He wants to talk about spanking. Obviously it is his favourite subject. Sooo I steered the conversation away to cowboy hats. He wanted to talk about his strop…Whatever!
I do like strops. Great big heavy leather, that intense burning sting across my bare bottom ‘Mmmm!’
This morning I get ‘I am feeling itchy’…His hand, for spanking, that is…I almost put ‘There is a cream for that’…but I decided to ignore him. Its not that I don’t want to chat, or that I’m not interested in the spanko lingo…but…Or ‘butt!’…Ugh! It bores me…

Sooo! You got a new cane. Sooo! You’ll bring your strop & ladies like the strop bent over the bed…’I’M NOT LADIES!’ I’m meeeee!!! Why do spanker blokes do that. I know he is nice & has lots of lady friends. That is great…For him!

Conversation is fine…but I don’t need to hear about his spanking exploits with other ladies. Good for them. They are ‘them’ I am me. Me is bored with the whole spanking scene. Bored! Bored! BORED!!!

Dare I say. Spanking blokes bore me to tears. There is no more spanking me to tears. I despair. Why am I no longer an insatiable spankee who loves being spanked. Because people happened. These days I get more pleasure reading spanking stories, watching spanking video’s, looking at spanking pictures & pleasuring myself…

I enjoy chatting. I do. I really do…but when it leads to spanking this, spanking that & that is usually one or more of the bottoms they get to spank…I’m not interested. Its like M…I could not give a flying f**k that you ‘Really enjoy spanking di_n’ F**k off & spank her then…& S with his years of every other f**king week, telling me about suzzi wearing her school uniform just for him & what a lovely bottom sweet pea has got & how he’s got a soft spot for her…UGH!!!

That went on for years, every other week. Until I got soooo! fed up & told him ‘Women don’t want to hear about other women’…FOR FECK SAKE!!! It really does put me off. I won’t let M come & spank me anymore. I won’t make the effort with Dr M anymore. I am at least actual friends with B…

Another moan in the life of sub_idris…


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