I’m a hussy, in the eyes of a hot blooded male who doesn’t get a lot…

Warning this blogcast contains spanking porn. At the bottom {No pun intended}

Ohhh! Nooo! Why do I get the feeling D is going to forget saying May & start rushing to oblige me. Do I drive? How far am I from Cambridge? He asked for my wossy spanking session, which I groaned at. Because I was thinking ”Can’t we just chat & ask the odd question’ not me write a novel. So I sent him one picture. Apparently I was naughty. I thought ‘Here goes, I thought it was too good to be true’…I sent him a second picture & it turns into ‘If you like that position so much’ & the ‘obliging!’…

Oblige me? Was I asking? Was I acting like I soooo! desperately NEED! DESIRE! that…Hmmm??? NO! We’re adults. Getting to know each other, to maybe do what we both enjoy doing. I think it is the man thing. Either punishment, discipline, mentor, or oblige the woman who sooo! needs & desires a spanking…{Sigggghhhhhhsssssss!!!!!!} Ugh!

Calm down matey! We are adults. Stop getting so excited & acting like I’m a nympho, because I send you a picture of a woman bent over the arm of a settee, FFS! Maybe it is me. Maybe I have too high expectations & expect too much of a bloke. Or maybe deep down I don’t really want to meet these blokes to play, that I subconsciously self sabotage, or look deep for an excuse to not go there…

Come on S…Please! You are my ideal spanker, if only you made a tad more effort. There is no ‘Naughty girl’…No ‘obliging’ me. No fecking immature wanky excitement because I send a picture of a {Gasp!} Bare bottom. I’m not trying to turn you on, mate! FFS! GROW UP!!!

That big hands bloke was like that. He got all excited, done all the sexual stuff, then made out it was me who WANTED! a little extra & he was obliging! Talk about manipulation to get a bit, making out it was her idea to be diddled, not his…Fecking immature when it comes to owning their own sexual desires. It has to be them obliging the woman who SO! WANTS! it…Ugh!

Hmmm! I know…Some might call that analyzing, over thinking. Looking for an excuse. Because I’m not confident enough to do it for real. Or I’m a time waster…I was sooo! happy that he said May  {7 months} & seemed to be willing to exchange messages for that time, but nooo! One picture of a bare bum in a sexy spanking position. MASS! excitement on his part, but it makes him feel better if he believes he is obliging my MASS! excitement. I’m not excited mate!…Jeeze! Calm down, luv!

I know, I am a fussy moo bag, with high expectations, I should go with the flow…but…Desperate, excitement at getting a bit…Is such a turnoff for me. I am a ‘mutual, grown up, adult, owning your own desires’ spanking for fun, not because you’re about to explode with over excited, wanky hysteria…You know…We’re adults. We both enjoy spanking for pleasure…

Me bursting with insatiable NEED! & DESIRE! for a man to oblige me…Ugh! That is not my idea of being a sub/spankee…As I said. Fussy! choosy! picky! Looking for an excuse…Well I am beginning to wonder, because my expectations don’t seem to match up to reality of the spanking scene…No wonder the women form a close-knit clique…

Nuff said for now…

Here are the pictures I sent which got him all hot & bothered under the collar…{Rolls my eyes} & {Sighs!} Maybe its his age. Women in his day were all ‘demure’ & unassuming…Really? Does it come down to a respect thing? The quiet, sweet, demure, unassuming, subbie type gets more respect, then the woman who knows her own mind, knows what she wants, can send a sexy picture to a man, without it meaning shes easy, or a floozy, lol…Hmmm! I think I get it now…

The pictures I sent him…’Floozy! Insatiable harlot!’ that I am {Grins}

I suppose if you think about it. Women in general don’t tend to appreciate pornographic pictures. I’m a hussy, lol & his a hot blooded male, willing to oblige…{HeeHee}


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